Cleaning the mess

March 04, 2019

This Blog is still extremely bare bones and If we want to get this web development career off the ground it's a very small first step in a very brutal marathon.

So far all we have is a few buttons, Gatsby, Contentful integration, some styling and some mobile scaling - tragically that's not nearly enough. Though this house is nice it's not a home, it's more like a bachelor apartment with a Bon-jovie poster and an Ikea chair, a lot more needs to be done if you want to consider this work anything other than a joke. To really breathe life into this space (and any space in general) I believe you need to give it an air of consistency, a space people come back to is a space that ensures it's patrons with a promise of continual future novelty. I could write a hundred articles under this current format but this blog would still feel like a shell of opinions by an irrelevant bipolar Ukrainian novelist.

So what do I plan to do and what do I mean by all this? Lets start with the basics, this website needs more details, any visitor here must instantly recognise the format and understand what they see. On the smallest scale quality of life UI elements are my next focus. Social media icons and a contact me page are absolutely essential as I feel that they give the website a feeling of more responsibility and connection to the real world - this isn't just some piece of paper, like any dollar bill it's backed by a gold standard, my reputation and everyone that comes here needs to see that as soon as they visit.

Following that this website needs movement, it needs action, it needs to be like a rotisory chicken. I need you the reader to want to hit every button to see what it does. That's one big order of rotisory chicken, but here is what needs to be done. The home page needs to present a rotation of the most recently published articles, the bar along the bottom of the index page needs to rotate and the featured image of the article needs to appear on hover, the sidebar needs to be collapsible and animated, don't forget animated! We should even add ambient music but that would be just a bit too much. The website needs to feel like it comes alive for the user and maybe it needs to have some of my presence (in an odd way), like the creator is watching you as you read this. A lot more design needs to go into it but but one could imagine the future projection of this domain as a growing entity which is exactly the feeling I want to go for.

Of course the most important thing which hopefully is coming very soon is Implementation of Contentful's Rich Text, which allows for the formatting of each blog post as it is written - which would change these blog posts from looking like a Microsoft word document to something a bit more entertaining and structured.