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Out of Time Summary

This is a project aiming to bring together the best aspects of each habit tracking and time management software in the form of the ultimate habit tracking app. The name Out of Time, meaning something that is taken out of time or is beyond it.

Project Run-through

The app's design is a simple three colour pallet red, dark grey and white. The red is meant to reinforce positive behaviour, incentivizing app use and simplifying it visually.

The app itself is made up of three, components. The left time/habit component, the centre calendar component and the right overall information component.

The left component displays the current date and time, period of the day and associated habits. Habits are capped at 6 arbitrarily. They are also movable and each comes with a slider indicating completion.


The centre component is an auto populated calendar, reflecting habit completion through a red circle which indicates percentage of habit completion. A fully completed day is indicated by a red circle.


The intent of this calendar is to help visualise habit completion over time and I find it to be pretty effective.

The right panel, intended for completion statistics, shows on hover over calendar dates each dates completion. Habit completion percentages, monthly percentages and overall completion statistics.

Current Status and Roadmap

Project front end and front end logic is mostly completed.

Current project outline looks something like:

  1. Mobile Scaling

  2. Full NodeJS Support

  3. NodeJS user support

  4. logins using Facebook Support

  5. Testing

  6. Launch\

Additional side goals are

  • Heroku Demo


Minimum valuable product for this project is being able to support users logged in with facebook, storing and serving their habit information withing a fully functional website.