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artembiyun.com Summary

artembiyun.com is my website, it represents me both metaphysically and professionally. This website is an SPA built with GatsbyJS, Contentful and GraphQL. It's meant to hold my blog posts, projects and be a professional introduction to me and my work. Generally speaking this is my sandbox and my most favourite website to work on.

Project Run-through

artembiyun.com consists of four main pages, the main or "index" page, the blog posts page, projects page and contact me page. The meat of the content for these pages is stored in Contentful and served through graphQL. Each page has its own unique way of presenting content and its presented framed in a relatively unique combination of colours and background images serving as the header element of the page.


  • Implementing mobile scaling to support different views holding varying types of content is definitely a challenge to do in a coherent manor.

  • implementing and learning Gatsby, Contentful and GraphQL

  • Building and reiterating on design over the period of two months

Current Status and Roadmap

Project is all together complete and is by all standards a full production project, However, there are still a lot of things and details that need to be improved and tweaked.

the following are some additions I will be making in the following days

  • live versions of my projects run on Heroku

  • email me box for contact me section of main page (I want to be able to measure user engagement better using this)

  • scaling for the main image in project page is currently not working as intended


Completed two months ago