A Blog is Born

February 21, 2019

Hello and welcome to my very own blog!

A simple website with no content and little direction pointed towards the future! Introductions aside I decided that my very first independent project as a web developer should be this blog, as I understand it journaling is an exceptionally good way to collect and organise thought patterns. The intent of this blog therefore is primarily as an asset for my self learning, somewhere where I can stop and document information about my projects and learning that's relatively free form while also professional enough to be registered under my name.

In civilised life as I see it there is a fundamental need to be organised, coherent, intelligent and above all concise to really move forward in any kind of meaningful way, as such I see personal blogging as a sort of sharpening stone of the mind, something to collect and develop thought into a useful commodity which also serves the purpose reinforcing itself and producing better more meaningful content as it develops.

With all that said I christen this blog, lets see where it can go!